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You have found the home of the LyNchburg Area N-Scalers. We are a N-Scale model railroading club located in the greater Lynchburg, VA area. The club is more than 10 years old and growing. We fully support the international N-Trak standard and all other forms of N Scale model railroading. We meet on the 1st Thursday of every month.

We setup an average of six N-Trak shows a year and as members of the Eastern N Lines group, join other clubs form New Jersey to South Carolina for joint shows. There is always more room for new members and more modules! Do you want more information about our group? To contact us click >> here<< to send e-mail.

What is N Scale?

First it is correctly scale not gauge as it is often referred, gauge refers to the rail spacing which is standard gauge,N Scale is 1/160th full size.

Around 1960 when N-Scale came into existence the rails were spaced Nine millimeters apart hence the N from nine became the notation for the scale. Today N is the second most popular scale with only HO being more popular. N is approximately half the size of HO, and only a quarter of the size of the Lionel type.

The smaller N Scale trains allow greater amounts of scenery to be created for a more true-to-life look. Smaller, more portable layouts are easily created with N Scale, and much longer trains are possible than in most other scales.

What is NTRAK?

NTRAK is an international grass roots association of model railroaders which has created a set of standards that anyone may use to build N Scale modules, or layout sections. These sections join together to form large portable layouts like the record-breaking layout that was assembled at the Dulles Expo on August 7 and 8, 2004. They also connect together with other folks who follow the NTRAK Standard the world over. The modular layouts have the flexibility to fit into areas of different size and shape, from warehouses to small bedrooms. Since one builds only a small section, even those who live in townhouses or apartments can enjoy model railroading.

NTRAK layouts offer close up viewing, correctly proportioned scenery, and maximum train action. NTRAK layouts allow long trains of 50, 60 or even 100 cars! The NTRAK Standards are available from the national NTRAK organization in the Module How-To Book.

What are NTRAK Modules? 

NTRAK Modules are tables that "C" clamp together to form large N Scale train layouts. The basic module is two feet wide, four feet long, and 40" high. There are adjustment bolts in the legs with a two inch adjustment range. The three tracks are common to all modules and the same electrical connectors are used on all modules. This makes setting up layouts a quick job. There are optional sizes and track locations to give a great deal of flexibility to the system.

While designed for large public display layouts, the NTRAK modules are being used for home layouts and for club layouts as well. For the modeler, the NTRAK modules offer a number of advantages over a fixed layout. We are such a mobile society; the modules make it very easy to move a layout from one home to the next without destroying all the work that went into it. Our smaller homes, apartments, and mobile homes all lend themselves to N Scale layouts. Persons who want to run longer trains have the opportunity to take a module to one of the many NTRAK meets during the year and to be part of a large layout. There, they can run their longer trains and meet other N Scale modelers.

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