Mike (Mickey) Lugar

One 4' N-Trak Corner & Two 4' N-Trak Straight Modules

Pictured here in the orange shirt after riding the Cardinal to Huntington West Virginia.

Mike Lugar & Friend

Railroads of interest: Amtrak, CSX, Chessie System, and C&O

Mike's Great Grandfather These interest have roots dating back to the 1880's. Mike's Great Grandfather; Richie Leonard Fletcher; was the agent at Eagle Mountain (Eagle Rock) on the C&O's James River Subdivision from the 1890's until he retired in 1941. Both his mother and father lived along the C&O for much of their lives as well. His mother lived in Buchanan and his father lived in Springwood. (Both along the C&O's James River Subdivision.)

Prototype Module = Warren, Virginia (4' straight module)
Freelance Modules = Keeney's Corner (4' straight and 4' corner modules)

Home Layout: A combination of NTRAK modules and fixed tracks mounted on the wall. oNe Trak modules are planned for the future to create a peninsula.

Keeney's Corner : 2 modules = 4' corner and a 4' straight.

Kenney's Corner . . . Mickey fumbling on Kenney Corner . . . Keeney's corner Corner

A fictitious town some where in West Virginia along the C&O / CSX tracks with much of the module being inspired by Mike's life experiences. The name of the town was inspired by a family story connected with the Keeney family of Keeney Creek, West Virginia. The modules truly have C&O flavor, as parts seem to give the impression of the vicinity around Hinton, W.Va. With the mainline tracks cutting through the terrain, the rock wall is reminiscent of the area around Stretchers Neck tunnel. The Burma Shave signs (produced by Blair Line) were inspired by many childhood memories.

Both modules are built using a combination of plywood and polyextruded foam board. The module frame is constructed from 1x4 boards. Warren, Virginia a 4' straight module based on the prototype.

Warren . . . Warren Module