Rodney Laughton

Rodney Laughon's N scale model of the Rio Grande

Rodney is building a mountainous model railroad based on the Rio Grande somewhere on a line between Denver and Salt Lake City. Trains will pass through a rural canyon (similar to Royal Gorge) and Colorado Mountains to reach coalmines, sawmills, oil dealers, and a good number of other line side industries, team tracks, and etcetera.

Sweetwater CO.

The small yard, sawmill, oil dealer and downtown are part of SWEETWATER, Colorado, which serves as on of the terminus of his N scale railroad model. In the middle ground is the Canyon on the way to the next town.

Louis Lamour wrote many Western Novels and the names of cities in the back of the book served as inspiration for names of many of his town's on Rodney's railroad model of the Rio Grande.

Terminus under construction

The other terminus is well under construction as shown here. If you look real close you will see Rodney's preparations for super elevating his mainline tracks. Well, here is Rodney's secret for SUPER Elevating his curves……

Rodney Super Elevates

Rodney pays much attention to detail in his modeling as seen in some of the completed scenes on his home layout.

Gas station and Garage

Freight Station

Hard working Rio Grande units

Some hard working weathered Rio Grande locomotives are passing the local saw mill on the way out of town with a manifest train.

Freight station close up